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Certification Program  •  Targeted Performance Coaching

Become a certified ThinkX coach. Enhance your organization, expand your coaching practice and become an insider with the revolutionary ThinkX human performance technology.



  • Companies can have their own trained internal coaches to administer ThinkX technology and coaching

  • Leverage the ThinkX Px-12™ diagnostic profile for your clients and coaching practice

  • Become a ThinkX partner with the ability to resell and promote ThinkX as part of your business


  • 24 hours of online learning designed to train an individual in how to coach using the ThinkX technology platform

“This is a powerful, deeper measurement for individual performance.I use it as a starting point for any clients coming through my coaching and development practice.”

Gallup StrengthsFinder Consultant/Coach

Px-12™ Profile

ThinkX PRO

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ThinkX is unlike any other tool and can be used as a foundation or complement to all other recruitment, training or development programs. Fast. Simple. Absolutely transformative. Give your people and your organization the ThinkX advantage today.


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