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Save time & money – replicate your top performers with 85%+ accuracy! We’ve taken the work, and the guesswork, out of identifying top candidates for your organization.



  • Hire only top performers

  • Proven to reduce recruitment time by 60%

  • Drives increased productivity and reduced turnover organization-wide

  • Reduces on-boarding time, as candidates now better meet required competencies


  • Measure and benchmark top performers for targeted hiring

  • Integrate manager defined competencies and key performance indicators to create an accurate Top Performer Template

  • Auto-rank candidates against your template

  • Includes custom interview questions designed related to identified performance risks


“There is NO WAY I could have picked up on these things in a job interview.  The ThinkX profile is like a secret weapon for optimal hiring.”

Recruiter, National Healthcare System

Px-12™ Profile

ThinkX Hire

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ThinkX is unlike any other tool and can be used as a foundation or complement to all other recruitment, training or development programs. Fast. Simple. Absolutely transformative. Give your people and your organization the ThinkX advantage today.


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