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Performance Optimization System – Audit, Coach, & Optimize.

Maximize hiring, employee performance and company results­ fast! Only ThinkX Advance revolutionizes hiring, team performance and company results at the level of sub-conscience thinking. Improve the results of all your other employee and leadership training. Learn why ThinkX Advance is the foundation for a more effective and profitable company.



  • AII ThinkX Advance initiatives are specifically tied to organizational goals and ROI

  • Close performance gaps and improve employee, department and organizational results

  • Identify and mitigate performance risks

  • When implemented alongside ThinkX Hire promotes a rapid and radical shift in culture and talent


  • Performance audit (measure and benchmark) across a position, department or entire organization based on top performer templates

  • Custom development strategy to close performance gaps and optimize results

  • Targeted 1:1 ThinkX Performance Coaching for identified team members (group and self-guided options also available)

  • Executive report provides visibility to performance quotient for all target groups

  • ThinkX Pro Activation Training equips key leadership and HR teams for ongoing implementation and integration of ThinkX throughout existing HR programs and tech


“In every case, we’ve seen positive results.  More importantly, all individuals have grown both personally and professionally.”

Senior Vice President, National Accounting Recruitment Firm

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ThinkX Advance

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