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Built on the ThinkX patented Px-12™ profile, we offer a simple and complete suite of cloud-based tools to elevate your organization’s recruitment and employee development.

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ThinkX Profile

The Patented PX-12™ Performance Profile

Patented, EEOC compliant and clinically validated over 20+ years, the Px-12 is the only diagnostic tool of its kind. Providing insight into the subconscious thinking patterns under all aspects of human performance, the Px-12 is the foundation for all ThinkX organizational performance solutions.

Accurately predict the success of new sales candidates – up to 300% of goal!
Problem: This insurance industry leader was experiencing lagging sales and had hired a new class of sales professionals to turn things around. But how would they perform?
Solution: Sales of $2 million OVER target, along with recruitment/training savings combine to deliver an ROI of 400:1 with the ThinkX Hire Top Performer Template.

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ThinkX Hire

The ultimate hiring hack for your organization

Save time, money and replicate your top performers with 85+% accuracy! We’ve taken the work, and the guesswork, out of finding top candidates for your organization.

How Pizza Hut turned Customer Service Around with the ThinkX Hire Top Performer Template
Problem: With 40 stores throughout the Eastern U.S., our client was struggling to address issues of marginal performance and high turnover that was affecting sales and profitability in their stores.
Solution: Chain now hires to the top 4% of performers, replicating their most successful team members, increasing retention and increasing profitability of their stores.

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ThinkX Advance

Optimize hiring, employee performance and company results – fast!

Only ThinkX Advance revolutionizes hiring, team performance and company results at the level of sub-conscious thinking and even improves the results of all other employee and leadership training. Learn why ThinkX advance is the foundation for a more effective and profitable company.

86% of Employees Improved Performance in only Six Weeks!
Problem: Our client was understandably frustrated with the sub-par performance of many employees with a full 84% of the 134 participating team members classified “below average.”
Solution: At the end of 6 weeks 86% of the total group demonstrated powerful behavior and performance improvement. Even 38 of the original “below average” group moved into the average, strong or optimal range. Two years later, the performance improvements were sustained.

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Key Manager Retained Based on Performance Turnaround
Problem: Joe was a skilled and experienced engineering manager who was on the brink of being fired because he was difficult and alienating other team members.
Solution: The company retained a valuable manager, the employee is thriving in his position even 3.5 years later, and the gross annual ROI for retaining this manager is an estimated $27,218 or more than $100,000 at the time of this report.

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$50,000 ROI in Four Weeks from a More Confident Buyer
Problem: Among the key attributes necessary to the success of a buyer, is the ability to negotiate and manage vendors. However, the performance of this buyer was down, and it was clear that her risk aversion, and need to be liked by her vendors was hurting her ability to do her job.
Solution: After a month, the ROI was more than $50,000 to the bottom line in renegotiated contracts and savings.

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Become a certified ThinkX administrator and coach. Enhance your organization, expand your coaching practice and become an insider with the revolutionary ThinkX human performance technology.

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ThinkX is unlike any other tool and can be used as a foundation or complement to all other recruitment, training or development programs. Fast. Simple. Absolutely transformative. Give your people and your organization the ThinkX advantage today.


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