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Built on the ThinkX patented Px-12™ profile, we offer a simple and complete suite of cloud-based tools to elevate your organization’s recruitment and employee development.

1 Killer App. 3 Ways to Transform your Organization.

ThinkX Profile

The Patented PX-12™ Performance Profile

Patented, EEOC compliant and clinically validated over 20+ years, the Px-12 is the only diagnostic tool of its kind. Providing insight into the subconscious thinking patterns under all aspects of human performance, the Px-12 is the foundation for all ThinkX organizational performance solutions.

ThinkX Hire

The ultimate hiring hack for your organization

Save time, money and replicate your top performers with 85+% accuracy! We’ve taken the work, and the guesswork, out of finding top candidates for your organization.

ThinkX Advance

Optimize hiring, employee performance and company results – fast!

Only ThinkX Advance revolutionizes hiring, team performance and company results at the level of sub-conscience thinking and even improves the results of all other employee and leadership training. Learn why ThinkX advance is the foundation for a more effective and profitable company.

ThinkX Pro

Certification Program

Become a certified ThinkX administrator and coach. Enhance your organization, expand your coaching practice and become an insider with the revolutionary ThinkX human performance technology.

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ThinkX is unlike any other tool and can be used as a foundation or complement to all other recruitment, training or development programs. Fast. Simple. Absolutely transformative. Give your people and your organization the ThinkX advantage today.


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