Px-12™ Performance Profile

Reveal Your X-Factor

The patented Px-12™ profile is the only diagnostic tool of its kind. Providing insight into the subconscious thinking patterns underlying all aspects of human performance. Clinically validated and EEOC compliant, the Px-12 literally maps the brain and is the foundation for all ThinkX organizational performance solutions.



  • Clinically proven and scientifically accurate
  • Laser-target areas for fast development
  • Positively perceived by employees
  • Creates performance improvements at work and home
  • Benchmark and replicate your top performers
  • Correlate profile results to financial data & benchmark performance improvements
  • Predict future performance of employees with 85-95% accuracy
  • Rule out weak candidates BEFORE you hire them
  • Profile supports diversity and inclusion initiatives


  • Patented, validated & EEOC compliant
  • Measures patterns in the sub-conscious brain that drive thinking
  • Takes about 10 minutes to complete on any digital device
  • Report includes a graph and report that describes normal and stress performance, career insights and development tips
  • Foundational diagnostic for all ThinkX solutions
Features of Px-12™

“You nailed me! No other instrument has captured this degree of deep insight about what’s going on behind my thinking. And trust me. . . I’ve done them all.”

Human Resources Executive, National Medical Company

Px-12™ Profile

Px-12™ Profile

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