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How Pizza Hut turned Customer Service Around with the ThinkX Hire Top Performer Template


Customer service is the key to success at any local Pizza Hut franchise, and with 40 stores throughout the Eastern U.S., our client was struggling to address issues of marginal performance and high turnover that was affecting sales and profitability in their stores.

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Chain now hires to the top 4% of performers, replicating their most successful team members, increasing retention and increasing profitability of their stores. ThinkX had the chain’s top 73 Customer Service Team Members take the ThinkX Px-12™ Performance Profile. ThinkX also worked with leadership to evaluate the key metrics for success in the Customer Service position. Using this data, a Top Performer Template was developed for screening and hiring this position.


Whether senior executives or frontline customer service professionals, ThinkX can help your organization hire better, predict success and optimize performance saving you time, money and improving your overall company results. Hire only top performers with ThinkX Hire.


Metrics – Clear performance metrics were established by executive leadership and combined with the insights based on the profiles of the top 10% of total customer service team members using the PXx-12 profile.

Pizza Hut Case Study

Benchmark – Trainees took the Px-12 performance diagnostic and received 10 weeks of coaching based on the growth areas indicated by their Px-12 results.

Pizza Hut Case Study

Results – Company now hires to the top 4% of performers saving time, recruiting costs and increasing the success of their stores and profits.

Company now hires in the top 4%
Px-12™ Profile

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“We can hire to the top 4% using the Px-12 Performance Profile.  This is the most accurate performance measuring system I have used in my 35 years in business.  This is truly a profit strategy system like no other.”

J Tierney, Vice President of Corporate Development

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