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What is the ThinkX Px-12™ Profile and what makes it unique?

What is the thinking behind your thinking, words and actions? Only the Px-12 measures the root source response in our sub-conscious brain. These patterns are then grouped into behavioral outputs, which we call Performance Drivers. These 12 drivers provide accurate and powerful insight to measure, analyze, and predict one’s outward behavior and performance. It also provides a detailed map to help us “trade up” to more productive thinking through coaching.

How does the ThinkX profile compare to other popular personality and leadership assessments?

The Px-12 reveals an individual’s “operating system” at a deep (sub-conscious) level. It is the ONLY profile of its kind. Leadership and personality assessments like Strength Finder, Myers-Briggs, DISC, Enneagram, are great tools that help individuals understand how they show up in the world and workplace. However, the ThinkX Px-12 profile tells you why we say, think and do what we do, and how to trade up underlying beliefs to re-map thinking, and ultimately improve one’s performance. The ThinkX program is an invaluable foundation that makes all other assessments and leadership training initiatives work BETTER!

How does ThinkX replicate my top performers?

ThinkX integrates data collected from existing top performers. This includes your company’s own performance metrics (i.e. sales, goals, performance review criteria), Px-12 profile scores and the specific success criteria for the position.

We combine this data to build a template for your ideal candidate. This information can then be used to both screen applicants and evaluate current team members for development or re-assignment as appropriate. The result is a team with the performance capabilities of your current top performers!

What if we don’t have a top performer to replicate?

No problem! We will aggregate industry data for similar roles, ThinkX database info, and the core attributes and competencies for the position to create an ideal template.

How does Performance Coaching work?

ThinkX Coaching takes advantage of our brain’s ability to learn and re-learn (neuroplasticity) to create new “pathways” in the road of our thinking. Clients make rapid changes because our highly targeted coaching addresses the specific drivers identified by the Px-12 profile, as needing development. ThinkX helps individuals “trade up” to new thinking patterns through guided reinforcement of new, more productive thoughts.

How long does it take to get results from ThinkX Coaching?

Not long at all! Usually only a few weeks. ThinkX coaching is provided for one-hour per week, per performance driver identified for development, plus an Introduction and Conclusion meeting. For example, if a person needs to be coached on 4 drivers, the program would be a 6-week program, 1 hour per week.

Unlike talk therapy and traditional coaching, which can require months or years just to discover an individual’s limiting beliefs or patterns, ThinkX coaching works fast, often in only 4-8 weeks. Why? The powerful Px-12 profile is a roadmap, identifying the specific areas for development so you’ll know exactly where to target. And, with more than 20 years of clinical and organizational refinement, we know the ThinkX coaching tools work!

Can a company do their own coaching?

Yes. ThinkX can provide Coaching Certification for a minimum of 6, coaches per organization. We encourage clients to carefully weigh the cost/benefit and consider confidentiality, tracking and assessment of results, etc. of internal coaching activation. Give us a call and we will help you determine the approach that is right for you.

What training will we receive to get started with ThinkX?

A successful ThinkX Advance implementation rests on the clear understanding of both the products themselves, and the administration of an integrated human capital management (HCM) solution. ThinkX is committed to equipping your team with the tools and information they need to administer ThinkX with confidence and competence. ThinkX training is comprehensive, practical, accessible and fun!

  • ThinkX Advance – A 1-day training is required for all leadership and practitioners using ThinkX.
  • ThinkX Hire – A second ½-day training is required for recruiters/HR talent managers who will be implementing ThinkX Hire.
  • ThinkX Coach – If your organization chooses to handle coaching in-house, the HR or Training employees administering the system will receive an additional ½ day training.

Can we just buy profiles from you?

While an individual profile/debrief package is available, we don’t recommend it’s use in most cases. Profile results provides a diagnostic metric that is a starting point to a larger strategy for your organization. Also, to be compliant when using it for hiring, all applicants must complete the same benchmark assessment – which would be cost-prohibitive over time. (See “How does licensing work?”)

How does ThinkX licensing work?

ThinkX licensing provides your organization with access to unlimited profiles, an administration dashboard, and all position templates for ongoing use. Licenses incorporate use of profiles for hiring and/or development and is highly beneficial to the organization.

Pricing is determined based on the size of the organization as measured by the total number of employees and is billed on a quarterly basis. Additional, one-time fees are charged for kick-off training, and for the development of top performer templates. (One-time charge per template – but once you have it, you own it.) License fees don’t include any coaching delivery, as this is priced based on the number of drivers being coached for each individual.

Is the ThinkX Px-12 profile a validated instrument?

Yes. The Px-12 assessment has been validated and is also EEOC compliant. Click here for detailed notes on the validation study.

Do you have case studies?

Yes. Case studies can be found here.

What countries and/or industries do you work in?

ThinkX has been used, and is effective in, ALL industries. Why? Because this is a human technology and people are common thread in ALL organizations. ThinkX is being used currently in many English-speaking countries including the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. Note: Since our core science is currently in English, we cannot recommend or guarantee results if English is not the primary language of any company/individual. It is our hope to offer our tools in other languages in the future.

How do we get started?

Contact us today! We offer the ThinkX “Quick Win” program to help you get started with just a single position template at a very affordable price. We also offer a free Px-12 profile to you as a company gatekeeper or HR professional to help you experience the power and insight of ThinkX technology for yourself.

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