Discover the “X factor” in your top performers.
And replicate it throughout your organization.

Better Thinking. Better Performance.

ThinkX uses the unique and patented Px-12™ profile to measure
the subconscious algorithms in our thinking.

The ThinkX Solution

Learn what differentiates your top performers from the rest of your team. Then hire
and train to that higher standard, fueling the results you’ve always envisioned.


The patented and EEOC-compliant ThinkX profile measures subconscious thinking in 12 performance areas.


Benchmark your company’s top performers.


Replicate your top performers with the exclusive ThinkX Hire targeted interview tools.


Achieve rapid and measurable gains in employee performance through laser-targeted coaching.


Increase organizational results and employee retention with the ThinkX Advance audit and coaching system.

Proven and Patented ThinkX Science

ThinkX is the only organization of it’s kind because only ThinkX has the unique and patented Px-12™ profile which measures the subconscious algorithms in our thinking.

ThinkX is not just another leadership or employee training tool or personality profile.

Your top performers drive the success of your company. Have you ever thought, “I wish I had 10 more like Brian or Susan, and I’d love to clone Amanda?”

Using a simple 15-minute profile, ThinkX gives you powerful insight into the hidden factors that makes your top performers your top performers. You can then hire and train to that standard, fueling the results you’ve always envisioned.

  • Decrease Recruiting Time and Costs
  • Increase Top Talent Hires
  • Sustainable Employee Performance Gains
  • Better Results from All Organizational Training
  • Increase Retention and Employee Quality of Life
  • Improve Overall Company Results

Decades of clinical research and practical application with thousands of individuals and employers including:


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ThinkX is unlike any other tool and can be used as a foundation or complement to all other recruitment, training or development programs. Fast. Simple. Absolutely transformative. Give your people and your organization the ThinkX advantage today.


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